Kobe Bryant – Athlete, Writer, Director, and Entrepreneur

With a sea of people emulating celebrities and others who they deem as successful, we (as a society) have failed in finding beauty in the uniqueness of the individual. Identical twins may look alike, but if you look closely there are slight differences in appearance, behavior, and thought patterns. People are changing their physical appearances to look like their idols/heroes. But why? Because the media has set the standard of what beauty and success are supposed to be, it’s a superficial way of thinking.

It’s different to look at someone, like Kobe Bryant, as an inspiration and a means to motivate yourself to be successful. To look up to a hero or someone who you value as a role model, it is important to remember that these same individuals once looked up to someone else. Our heroes have worked hard to be who they are and looked up to someone as an inspiration, not the standard of what one should be.

Our uniqueness is what makes up this planet. No two plants and animals are alike, we may think otherwise but nothing is 100% the same. Why would you want to be the next so and so? Why would you want to alter your physical appearance to look like someone else? Why? You are perfect the way you are. You have within you the same confidence, courage, success, etc. that you look up to. It’s a matter of you finding your path and developing yourself to be confident, courageous, successful, and achieving your goals and manifesting your dreams. Each one of these successful individuals has in one form or another has a daily routine that they follow to start their day, most of them include strengthening and honoring their spirituality.

Above all else, we need to get back to taking care of your health which includes not just physically but mentally and spiritually. I find that when I work on my spirituality first, then it reflects my mentality and eventually my physical appearance. We were meant to be unique and exceptional with all that we do.

Remember, just like you going to the gym to work on your physical appearance, exercising your spirit and mental aspects are as important. You are a spiritual being with a diamond in its core that is unique and beautiful, it’s up to you to bring that brightness out. I believe in you, but it starts with you believing in yourself.

“You will always harvest what you plant.” – Galatians 6:7

Rest in power Kobe Bryant, Gianna Bryant; Christine Mause; John, Keri, and Alyssa Altobelli; Sarah and Peyton Chester; and Ara Zobayan. Prayers of love and healing to their families.

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