Crystals are like people, they absorb negative and emit positive energies. Therefore it is a good idea to cleanse the crystal of any negative energy it has absorbed and recharge/revitalize its power. The following are a few ways to care for your crystal/stone.

  • Soak in a bowl with a pinch of salt and stir clockwise imagining negative energies evaporate. After a 25 seconds, rinse with soap and water, and offer a prayer for the blessing of a deity, angel, or Universe, and to infuse it with healing light.
  • Smudge with a sage or cedar stick by first offering smoke to each of the four directions, asking each direction to purify and empower your crystal. Then ask the same of the earth mother and finally the sky father. Smudge the stone in spiral rings above and around the stone/crystal.
  • Leave in sunlight and moonlight for 24 hours or in a rainstorm for just two or three minutes. Energizing the stone/crystal during a full moon is powerful.
  • You can place the crystal/stone in a lavender, sage, or rosemary pot for a day and wash off any soil with running water.

Below is a list of specific methods to cleanse and recharge certain crystals. (Please note that this list will be updated occasionally to include other crystals and stones.)

Agate – Blue LaceUse moonlight as the moon begins to wax
Agate – Fire/RedPass the crystal through the flame of a red candle to recharge its energy
Agate – MossLeave with greenery for a night every month
AmazoniteRecharge in a mint infusion
AmberCharge the stone in the sunlight at noon for a few minutes
AmethystRecharge the crystal under the moonlight
ApatitePlace near a vase of fresh flowers or on the soil near a herb or plant
AquamarineSoak in sea water during a full moon or in water with a pinch of salt in a blue glass bowl, rinse with clear water afterward
AventurineOccasionally charge in the leaves of a green plant during the day
BloodstoneUse running water or in the sunlight for a few minutes
CarnelianUse running water or in the sunlight for a few minutes
(Use can keep this stone with others to cleanse them with negative energies)
ChrysocollaEnergize with copper
CitrineLeave this crystal in the morning sun (before noon), remember not to leave Citrine in the sun for too long as it may start to crack
Clear QuartzDoes not need cleansing
EmeraldClean with a soft cloth and recharge under a waxing moon
Fluorite – GreenLeave in water overnight under the light of the moon
LabradoriteRecharge when there is a rainbow or use an iridescent/rainbow sheet
Lapis LazuliRecharge this stone using starlight
MalachiteCleanse under running water
Note: if raw/rough stone, when it starts to crumble, bury the stone as it has completed its use
MoonstoneDuring a full moon, soak in a dish from moonrise to moonset
OpalWipe with virgin olive oil or water often but sparingly
Red Tiger EyeLeave in the sunlight from noon until the sun is low in the sky
Rainforest JasperSprinkle with sea water or salted water
RhodochrositeSmudge with rose-scented incense
Rose QuartzFrequently sprinkle a few drops of rose water
SeleniteTo revitalize, use mineral water and soak during a full moon
TurquoiseSmudge with cedar, sage, or sweetgrass
SunstoneLeave for an hour before, during, or after noonday sun, or during summer solstice from dawn til noon
UnakiteSprinkle with a drop of olive oil and then carefully wash in running water


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